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The Best Bluetooth Speakers For Outdoor Parties

By Jeff Jamison May 23, 2021 0 comments

With any outdoor party, it’s hard to argue with the value of a speaker to play music for your friends and guests. Beyond the ambiance, there’s tons of fun to be had with letting the party control the music, and no better way to make this collaborative party experience better than with an easy-to-use Bluetooth speaker, which can connect to your and your friends’ devices quickly and easily.

Since Bluetooth speakers have become the ideal way to casually enjoy music, it’s more important than ever that you have one on hand if you plan to host any outdoor gatherings or parties. Finding one that fits your needs can be especially challenging with how many new portable Bluetooth speakers there are nowadays, but this also means there are tons of options and qualities you can look for to help find the best Bluetooth speaker.

The Best Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers

Many traits make up a great Bluetooth speaker, but these devices can come in several different shapes and styles. There are all kinds of models, from different brands that function similarly but have different features that make them more suited to your personal needs out of a Bluetooth speaker.

If you want some great options for the best Bluetooth speaker for outdoor party for a convenient price, these four are some of the strongest options you can get. Each has its own unique shape, features, and style, and there’s bound to be at least one that will fit what you’re looking for in a portable Bluetooth speaker.

Big Sound Quality Ultimate Bluetooth Speaker 

big sound quality ultimate bluetooth speaker


  • Waterproof Exterior
  • TF Card Slot
  • 10 Hours Of Play Time
  • Deep Base & High Sound Quality
  • LED Flashlight

This Bluetooth speaker is everything that a typical outdoor speaker user will want, much thanks to its waterproof exterior for making it a safe product to use in everything from backyards to campsites. In some ways, it feels just as much like a multitool for camping, even featuring an LED flashlight and bag clip so that you can easily take it with your outdoor gear.

However, these features are just the icing on the cake, as this easily has some of the best sound quality you can get with a portable Bluetooth speaker. It’s on the larger side of these types of devices, but it’s still able to be held in your hand and can hit excellent volume with a surprising amount of bass for deeper sounds, something rare among most Bluetooth speakers at this price point.

Water-Resistant Indoor & Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

water resistant indoor & outdoor bluetooth speaker


  • Water-Resistant Exterior
  • 3 Hours Of Play Time
  • Noise & Echo Cancelling Speakerphone
  • Passive Bass-Heavy Subwoofer

While this might seem like an inferior model to the Big Sound Quality speaker mentioned earlier, this product is a surprising alternative if you’re looking more for something to use in your home, as well as for a party speaker to use outdoors. This Bluetooth party speaker lacks the battery power and waterproof traits of the previous wireless speaker but has great noise-canceling for making clear speakerphone calls and a passive subwoofer for much more impressive sound quality.

This device is also much smoother to use than other high-quality Bluetooth speakers, with convenient and clear button placements and a great variety of inputs if you’d rather use auxiliary cords or USB connections to play music instead. It’s an excellent and functional device with a great sound that’ll do exactly what you need for outdoor parties, as well as playing music around the house between events.

Amazing Aqua Sound Bluetooth Speaker

amazing aqua sound bluetooth speaker


  • Waterproof Exterior
  • Built-In Microphone For Calls And Digital Assistants
  • Suction Cup For Secure Surface Attachment

No rule says you have to use a specific style of Bluetooth speaker for your outdoor parties. They come in all kinds of shapes, styles, and purposes, and it’s easy to overlook something as interesting as the Amazing Aqua Sound Bluetooth Speaker, which is primarily built as a waterproof device for showers and boats.

Having a suction cup to attach to surfaces is just as helpful for a wireless party speaker, though, as it lets you securely fasten it to tables or walls to keep it from getting lost, and keep a consistent source of sound in larger outdoor areas. It doesn’t have the greatest sound quality or bass of the other products listed, but it’s solid enough that it won’t be distracting or difficult to listen to and is easily the most portable party speaker option thanks to its size.

Next Generation Portable Bluetooth Speaker

next generation portable bluetooth speaker


  • Lightweight And Compact Design
  • Durable Strap For Easy Carrying
  • Wide Traditional Speaker Design
  • Two Hours Of Play Time

Not only is the Next Generation Portable Bluetooth Speaker one of the least expensive options on this list, but it’s also likely one of the strongest candidates. It balances many of the greater qualities of the other models by having a sleek and stylish design, excellent sound quality, and it's the loudest Bluetooth speaker on our list, thanks to its flat surface (rather than the round speakers spreading noise too far), and easy carrying thanks to its more portable square shape.

The biggest concern is the battery life, which is exceptionally short compared to even the Aqua Sound speaker. However, two hours is usually going to be enough, and the Next Generation’s charging will work with any effective power bank as well, so it’s easy to get over this for the most compact speaker with the ideal quality for your outdoor gatherings.

Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker Buyer’s Guide

While there are all kinds of great options for a Bluetooth party speaker out there, it’s important to understand a few traits about these devices regardless of which specific model you choose. There share many traits while some are unique to standard models, making purchasing one frustrating for new users.

If you've never owned a Bluetooth speaker yourself, it helps to know a few things about how they work and what they’re capable of. It can be hard to tell how they work with their unique designs and simple button layout and with the confusion that comes with wireless devices, it’s still valuable to know everything you can before investing in an outdoor Bluetooth speaker.

Bluetooth Speaker Volume

Something that will often surprise Bluetooth speaker owners is just how loud their devices are, especially given the size of a typical portable speaker. Between maxing out the volume on your computer or mobile device and changing the volume on the speaker itself, they can hit some incredible highs compared to many older portable speakers.

However, you’ll rarely need a wireless speaker to be this loud in an outdoor area, especially since you don't want to disrupt neighbors or random passing walkers. Bluetooth speakers are great if you need something loud in windy open spaces, but remember that you would simply have two ways to control the volume and get incredibly precise when you adjust your volume settings carefully.

Bluetooth Speakers Size and Weight

Since Bluetooth speakers don't usually have any input besides their charge port, they are typically quite light. Some mentioned earlier are especially small and with little surface area, but larger ones about the size of a small tablet aren't often as heavy as they look.

For this reason, the weight never really needs to be a consideration when buying an outdoor Bluetooth speaker. It's important to consider how much bag space they're going to contribute, but if you're traveling a long distance with it or plan to hike with it in your backpack, you usually won't have to worry about it adding to your bag weight like other devices and accessories.

How to Connect Bluetooth Speakers to Your Phone

Most Bluetooth technology speakers will have a unique way to connect to your phone, but it’s going to be relatively simple whatever model you get. Few will ask you to download specific software on your phone, and for the most part, each one will feature instructions on how to connect your phone, and all you need of your phone is to enable your Bluetooth connection.

Usually, you have to do more with the speaker itself, which has to transmit a signal to you that will provide a pop-up to your phone to allow the connection. Once connected, you shouldn’t need to reconnect between uses. It will automatically connect when the two are both on, but of course, always check and keep the instructions for your Bluetooth speaker to know what button or combination of buttons you need to press to connect a new device.

Phone Speakers Versus Bluetooth Speakers

Even though it might seem obvious to audiophiles and music fans, some people wonder whether it’s worth getting a portable speaker when your phone itself has speakers built-in. This is true, and it can be fine to play music on phone speakers if you have something short to play, but the quality and volume are far worse if you want it for outdoor gatherings.

Part of what makes phone speakers so bad is their surface area, as they usually only have two or three spaces that sound comes out of that are all extremely compact. Those combined factors will make it less powerful in outdoor areas as the wind alone can cover up low volumes, while a wide outdoor Bluetooth speaker with a wider sound range can almost always remain audible in any outdoor environment.

Wired Speakers Versus Bluetooth Speakers

Those looking into an outdoor speaker may also wonder whether it’s worth getting a Bluetooth speaker over a wired speaker, but it’s important to know there’s no weakness with either option. Bluetooth speakers are far more common because most phones happen to have Bluetooth innately included, but that’s not to say your audio will be worse than a more direct-wired connection.

Bluetooth speaker sound quality is incredibly sharp for a wireless connection. Most wired speakers are rarely going to be noticeably better, especially when listening to the outdoors, thanks to natural background noises of nature and traffic. Besides using your phone battery, there are no unique flaws with portable Bluetooth speakers that make them worth choosing over wired speakers.

Charging Bluetooth Speakers

The last thing to know about Bluetooth speakers is that they rarely require new or additional batteries, as they were made long after the semi-retirement of single-use battery requirements. They’ll usually charge with a micro USB port, which was the standard charge plug for Android phones until moving to USB-C in the past few years.

That said, you likely won’t need to charge your Bluetooth speaker too often, as they often hold charges incredibly well and will give an audible or visible alert once it needs to be recharged. It’ll also work with any power bank you have for your phones, making these portable batteries even more useful if you plan on using a portable Bluetooth speaker for your outdoor parties.


big family garden party celebration

What you want out of a Bluetooth speaker is just as important as the technical specs. Since nearly all of them will connect to any phone or computer with compatible hardware, you can always choose among any models you see, but only one of them is sure to have the features you’re looking for.

Whether you want something small and compact or something larger and dedicated to sound quality, the best Bluetooth speaker is always going to be the one that suits your personal needs. For outdoor parties, though, there are very few that you can find that isn’t going to provide you with something unique and powerful to keep the party going.

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